6 Reasons To Wear (Love) Leopard

1.) It always comes back in style just like your denim jacket. It may have a few off seasons, but leopard print will find its way back on the clothing racks. Choose your pieces wisely and you’ll be able to wear them for years to comes.

2.) It’s an iconic, fashionable print just like florals and stripes. The eye-catching print is a popular closet staple because it looks good on any article of clothing…Versatility! You can essentially choose how much you want to showcase the pattern: a belt for the likers and a dress for the lovers.

3.) It will elevate a look and make an outfit pop. It can add a little something extra or be the focal point of your look. For instance: Take a white top and jeans then add a pair of leopard flats, your something extra. Now, also add a leopard scarf/neckerchief and there’s your focal.

4.) It’s basically a neutral. You can pair the print with almost every color palette for any season. Use darker hues like black and brown for the Winter and lighter ones like ivory and tan for Spring.

5.) Anyone can wear it. It’s a compatible pattern for any skin tone or hair color. No matter your style, the print can be found on any piece imaginable…from earrings to shoes, there is a piece just for you.

6.) It can be dressed up or down. Relaxed: A leopard tee with some light, distressed jeans and canvas shoes. Tastefully: Leopard pants with a silk blouse and heels. The print is great for work or weekend.

Overall, everything looks good with some leopard on it! 😉

📸 Photos by Katie-Bee Photography

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