5 Ways To Wear A $16 Snake Print Dress

leather jacket

Animal prints are alive and well this year and snake print is one of the edgiest and most fashionable of them all!🐍 Don’t worry, this post is cruelty-free.😉 

I am sure you will be sssmitten over snake print after I show you how to style this $16 dress for everyday wear. Whether you’re new to animal prints or have a closet full, you can put these style tips to use for any sleeveless dress this Fall. Plus, I am sharing some Fall shoes that work best for your longer dresses.

(Click on any pic to see the outfit details.)

Brittney Wittner

Here are 5 ways to wear this snake print dress for work and weekend:

  1. With a leather/suede jacket. Cropped or shorter jackets look best to help show more of the dress. 
  2. Wear over a ribbed or fitted tee. Here is an example. The more fitted the shirt, the less bulky the dress will look. Or, try a bodysuit. A round neck tee would look best.  
  3. Wear alone. Just as it comes 🙂
  4. Under a graphic tee. Knot or tie your tee for a more fitted look. Viola, your dress now becomes a skirt.
  5. With a blazer or cardigan. Try a blazer with a relaxed fit and keep it open (unbuttoned). Looks great for the office or meetings. 


Brittney Wittner

Now, let’s get you some shoes to go with all these looks:

If you’re afraid of animal prints, the easiest way to transition them into your wardrobe is to start small. See the pic below for an example. Try a printed bag, belt or shoe and work your way to tops, dresses or pants. If you need help, I am always here for suggestions and tips.

express snakeprint
Medium top. Size 4 pants. Both TTS.

(Click on any pic to see the outfit details.)

What look stood out the most for you? Comment below with your favorite. Also, feel free to leave any post suggestions. Thank you for reading. Happy Sunday!

***Disclosure: All thoughts/opinions are my own. Affiliate links are used in this post. I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase through the links/photos. By doing so, you make CentsibleBlonde.com possible! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! XOXO, BRITTNEY 

📸Dress Photos by Celeste McKinley Photography

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