5 Ways To Wear A Neckerchief

Those small scarf things you tie around your neck have an actual name, they’re called neckerchiefs. I’ve mentioned them in previous Instagram and blog posts, suggesting them as a way to elevate your look. They’re thin, rectangular pieces of material made of cotton or polyester–essentially like a bandana or a handkerchief. They come in a variety of pretty patterns and can be used in many ways to help add flair to your look! Here are 5 ways you can incorporate them into your wardrobe:

#1 Hair Accessory – Hair accessories are IN & using a neckerchief is a cute way to step up your hair game! These scarfs are smaller and lighter so they work well for the hair, allowing you to tie without it appearing bulky or all over the place. They work best over a secured ponytail holder, high or low. Make a bun and tie your neckerchief into a bow around the bun, create a headband by tying underneath the hair, tie to the end of a short, loose braid…so many ways to wear in your hair. Creating a layered, tiered look on a ponytail is one of my favorite ways to wear! ⁣⁣

#2 Arm Piece – This one is a little tricky because you have to tie it just right & you may need some assistance. If you’ve seen Sex & The City, you’re probably familiar with Carrie Bradshaw doing this a time or two. If not, I’ll clue you in: Lay your scarf flat, slightly rotate it to where the corners point like a diamond. Fold your scarf over one inch to 1.5 inches. Repeat until you can no longer fold and only 2 points remain visible (left & right). Next, wrap around your wrist or upper arm (above the elbow). Tie the 2 points into a knot or bow. Viola! P.S. If you wanna be a little extra, tie around your ankle.

#3 Neck Scarf – Wearing them around the neck is the obvious way. Just as you would wear a necklace, add a neckerchief instead. You can definitely get away with wearing necklaces with a neckerchief…just make sure they hang well beneath the scarf. Simple, dainty necklaces work best! You can fold or roll the neckerchief up & wrap it around your neck OR tie it in the back & drape it to the front. Here are a few of my favorite ways to wear:

#4 Bag Accent – So many possibilities with this one too. It’s best to keep the scarf to one side so it doesn’t get in your way of opening or the zipper’s way. Tie the scarf around one handle/strap letting the scarf fall down the bag like I did in the picture below. You can also string it through an open piece of hardware on one side of the bag. Make a clean knot and let it hang like a men’s tie or make a simple bow for a shorter accent piece. Another way: Tie one corner of the neckerchief to one end of a handle and weave it around the handle making your way toward the opposite end of the handle where you’ll tie it off. If you have hardware on the sides, you can tie one end to the left side of your bag and the other end to the right side and let the neckerchief drape down like a strap. This would look better on short handle bags and solid bags.

#5 Belt – This one really depends on the size of the scarf. You can fold it the same way as I described in #2 and run it through your belt loops tying a knot or bow in the front or to the side. With a normal size neckerchief, you are only going to use about 2-3 belt loops. You can do this to the side or the front, depending on your outfit.

In the front: loop the scarf through the front 2 belt loops that are closest to the button closure on your bottoms. Style as desired or into a knot or bow. For a bigger knot/bow, use less beltloops & for a smaller one, use more beltloops. You can also wear a belt and still do this, weave the scarf around the belt and hide the belt buckle behind the bow/knot.

To the side: loop the scarf through 2-3 beltloops on the left or right side close to the hip but still visible in the front. Repeat the steps described above. You can also wear a belt this way too. I would recommend maneuvering the belt around to the side so you can hide your buckle. This will obviously be a little awkward, but it works. Wearing a cardigan or doing a front, side tuck with your top will work best for this way to wear.

Which way do you like most? Did I help spark some ideas? Drop your answer below or throw out another suggestion! What I love most about neckerchiefs: You can easily find them for a few dollars, they can be a fun and creative way to change up a look and add a little extra detail AND they’re a unique accessory you don’t see worn often.

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