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Hey Y’all! I hope your week is going smoothly and I hope you’re enjoying the LAST month of the year! Have you let that sink in?! Craaaazy! I can’t even keep track of what day it is as they FLY by…

Take a moment from the holiday hustle and bustle and allow me to share an amazing beauty tip, gift idea and GIVEAWAY with YOU! A product that WILL give you a reason to smile!

I have always been very conscious about my oral hygiene and I have been fortunate to have good teeth. However, I have always struggled with keeping my teeth white. I have tried several whitening products in the past that were all unsuccessful for me (crest white strips, coco white…to name a couple).

Lately, I have been using an affordable, at-home teeth whitening kit to enhance my smile. It is the real deal!

The whole process can be done in the comfort of your home and on your time! This system is customized to your teeth and everything you need to start is provided in one, simple kit. (And, it is much more affordable than a dental whitening I was previously considering.)

A smile is contagious. Be a carrier. -Unknown

First, Research. When Smile Brilliant asked me to try their product, I was so excited BUT skeptical! I went straight for the reviews and testimonials…the good, the bad, pictures of results….I wanted to see it all. I was not going to ruin my teeth!

After countless amazing results, I was very eager to get started. There was just one more thing to do, the most important part: I went to my dentist. I had him review the instructions and ingredients. Once I had his approval, I was eager to start!

The ingredient breakdown: whitening gel and desensitizing gel. I highly recommend that you thoroughly check out Smile Brilliant’s site. Any question you could ask is on the site. If not, they have online chat…customer service will find your answer and are super supportive.

The Process. Pick the right kit for you based on your sensitivity, the amount of product and cost. Once you get your kit in the mail, create your teeth impressions. Send them back in a (kit included) prepaid envelope. Smile Brilliant lab creates your custom, reusable tray and mails to you. Start whitening! Review the site, instructions and disclaimers for more detailed information and specifics.

My Results & Tips. I felt some sensitivity in the beginning, so I slowly increased my whitening time. I did not whiten every day, but often as possible. I personally used the desensitizing gel after every whitening. Keep a Kleenex or q-tips nearby in case you get excess gel on your gums.

Here are my results:

As a coffee and hot chocolate lover, the cold weather and the holidays make these teeth staining liquids hard to resist. I can sip happier knowing that I have found the solution to maintaining my white teeth with Smile Brilliant. This great product has become a part of my bedtime and beauty routine. And now, I have to recommend the goodness. 🙂

Are you ready to begin your Smile Brilliant journey to whiter teeth?

Giveaway. Smile Brilliant is graciously giving YOU! (my readers) a chance to win your very own Smile Brilliant teeth whitening kit! Follow me and Smile Brilliant on Instagram and enter this GIVEAWAY through my link here!

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Best of Luck! A special THANK YOU to Smile Brilliant. Giveawayis open for 1 week to USA, UK, Australia and Canadian residents. Please make sure you enter your email address to be entered!

Thank you so much for coming by! Please let me know if you have ANY questions about this great product. I have linked some general info below you may have questions about. I look forward to hearing from you and finding out who the lucky winner will be!

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This post is sponsored by Smile Brilliant. All thoughts/opinions are my own.   


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