Working for the Green-Dress

Dresses are like shoes, you can never have too many. It’s simply about variety, right?! I need plenty of choices! Plus, there’s always an excuse a reason to buy a dress. An event, a holiday, church, a sale…ha! See, they unknowingly add up. I blame/thank my mom for all those years forcing me into dress-up. If your hair didn’t stand out, your dress surely would!

While I LOVE a good deal, I will not make a purchase solely because something is inexpensive. It’s a hard decision sometimes, but the BEST practice. That can be a topic for another blog post. Honestly, I’m very picky about my dresses (and my shoes). They need to be ”the one” every time, or they go back on the rack. No excuses. 

When I find a dress I ”love” and it’s crazy inexpensive, I have to share!

This dress is ideal for the office, a work event or even a fancy night out. It definitely looks more expensive than $35!

I really love the pretty, soft green! (like a sea foam) This shade pairs well with silver bling. After the color drew me in, the cold-shoulder sleeves persuaded me to purchase. Threw a coupon with it, this dress looked sooo much better in my hands $15 later!! There’s a floral option too in blush. >>>>>

It’s a comfortable dress that allows you to move freely. It’s essentially a shift dress, to me. I wore a flat statement necklace to emphasize the neckline. Adjust the tie belt to help loosen or tighten the fit of the dress. This is a cute detail that stands out. I chose blush/pale pink heels as a complementary color with the light green. 

How I scored for $15: I used a $10 off coupon and a $10 reward (JCP free reward program). 

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Light green dress | Floral blush dress Coupons

Blush shoe

Thank you so much for coming by! Feel free to leave feedback. Have a great weekend! 

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