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***Unfortunately, this service is no longer offered by Walmart. They discontinued it May 2019.****

Today on the blog, I would like to share one of the tools I use to save money & make money. Either way you look at it, I received money back for shopping. (What I tell myself!)

With this amazing little helper, I have accrued $273 over the past 2 years. That’s EXTRA MONEY that I was returned JUST for scanning a receipt. Go ahead, reread that. Yes, I scan a receipt with my phone and I get money back typically within the next 2 business days. Easy!

Soooo, what’s the catch?! Well…it does require that you shop at Walmart. If you can handle that, you’re golden. ⭐️

In the South, there’s a Walmart at almost every intersection. Ha. Needless to say, my hubby and I do A LOT of our household shopping there. Their prices are hard to beat. Now, do yourself a favor and utilize the Savings Catcher feature.

Steps to Saving

Download the Walmart app at no charge here on Google Play or here for iPhone. Or, simply go to the website and click on ‘start saving now’. You’ll need an account for, sign-up for free here if you don’t have one. (Without the app, you will have to type in the receipt info instead of scanning. It’s very little info, no biggie!) Only the app currently allows scans. Find and select the ‘Savings Catcher’ tab. Then, scan away!  Get your mom’s receipts (like I do), friends may share, neighbor’s, go crazy! Scan the QR code or barcode from the receipts and the data instantly uploads. You must scan within 7 days of purchasing to get any available savings. Bonus: receipts are stored under your account for recordkeeping.

***When using the app, sign into your account. Click on Services then select Savings Catcher.


***Have your receipt ready, then choose ‘start saving now’.

ter you scan/input a receipt, your brand name purchases will be compared to advertised prices of other stores in your area. If there is a lower price found compared to what you paid, you will get a credit for the difference. There have been several times where I already received a credit difference on an item…then, an even lower price was found within that 7 days…so, I received another credit of the newest difference. It’s like a rescan of advertised prices even after you shop.

Ex: [Paid $2.83, a current ad showed $2.75=$0.08 credit…a day or two later, an ad shows $2.50…the $0.08 will now be $0.33]

The price matching is not only for the date of purchase, it’s for a full week (from date of purchase). If you don’t receive money back, you received the best possible price. With that said, let the funds accrue! $$$

xample: gallon of brand name milk currently advertising for $3.50 and you just paid $3.87, you will get $0.37 back. Simple and easy, right?!

NO comparing prices and NO ad matching. The Walmart Savings Catcher does all this for you! Plus, it eliminates the need to shop at multiple stores to get the better advertised price. Based on my knowledge and experiences, this does not work on BOGO’s or store brand products.

When you’re ready to use your savings (no minimum), you can use it right away. Sign-in with Walmart pay on the Walmart app and scan the QR code at checkout to pay for your items OR shop at with your money.

On the day I decide to go grocery shopping, I will go ahead and request my money earlier in the day. Shop. Checkout. I’ve received my egift card via email. Let the cashier scan the barcode on my phone from the email, done! As I’m walking out of the store, I scan my receipt. It’s starts all over again. I usually only redeem about every 3 months. Save yours up for a big specific item or wait until you have enough to pay for a full buggy load without coming out of pocket again. Your choice!

I hope this feature helps save you BIG $$$ and makes you think twice about crumbling that receipt up so quickly.

All thoughts/opinions are my own. This post is not sponsored. < b>XOXO BRITTNEY

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